Identification and Ranking Effective Factors on the Internet Shopping use of Fuzzy ANP



Burnout is related not only with mental health staff but also with their productivity levels, so to become familiar with effective methods of coping with psychological pressure and recognition, prevention and overcoming burnout, while improving mental health improvement, will also play an important role in effectiveness and productivity of human resources and improve service quality.The purpose of this study is measured burnout status and its dimensions among one of employees commercial country’s banks and providing prevention and mechanisms to deal with it.Methods of research is practical and was conducted in manner of descriptive-survey. For data gathering are used Interviews and questionnaire and sampling is done in a combines manner (cluster, stratified and random sampling) Research results indicate that burnout is at a consideration situation and it’s necessary topmanagers had been noted to this condition that fatigue, job stresses and negative self-assessment of performance are most important to causes.
Also research results indicate variables of gender, marital status, number of progeny, Education, province of work place and Work Experience affect the amount of burnout.