Pattern Design and Performance Evaluation of Branches of Banks and Financial Institutions (Case Study: Bank Qvamyn)



Evaluation in organizations has been important to the extent that knowledge management experts say: "what cannot be measured, cannot be managed" bank managers today for planning and administrative needs as its branches Making and performance assessment are the branches so they can compare their branches and of their strengths and weaknesses to be aware.So, the banks, specially state banks that are structurally massive flow of funds and sometimes the responsibility of their responsibility is the administration, promotion, even one percent improvement in their programs, assistance to the remarkable service to the people Bank management and offersQvamyn banks in this regard, always try to monitor their performance, but have so far lacked a performance evaluation model based research has been done.This article is intended to model its comprehensive database to evaluate the performance Qvamyn be given after verification model to assess the performance of branches in Tehran to be paid. This model is presented in three dimensions but ultimately it was approved in two dimensions.The most important aspects of innovation in this article, after considering customer satisfaction and staff with some components that somehow lower in the banking industry and the country has been used it has been noted.