The Relationship between Psychological Factors, Injunctive Norms and Green Consumer Behavior



In this research, we have investigated the relationship between psychological and social factors and green consumer behavior in Tehran. With a sample size of 316, we have examined 15 hypotheses. The positive significant relationship between environmental attitudes, personal norms, perceived consumer effectiveness, and social (injunctive) norms with green consumer behavior dimensions (Green purchase, supporting intent of green consumers and green conserving behavior) have been confirmed. But there was no evidence of strong relationship between environmental attitudes and behaviors of high involvement green consumers in comparison with low involvement consumers. After hypotheses testing, we ranked the psychological and social factors and behavioral dimensions. For psychological and social factors the ranks at descending order are: environmental attitudes, social norms, personal norms, perceived consumer effectiveness. For behavioral dimensions the ranks at descending order are: green purchase behavior, environmental supporting intent, environmental conserving behavior.