The study of the Role of Effective Parameters in Services Quality on Key Customer Satisfaction of Public Banks in Karaj City



This paper investigates the role of factors affecting the quality of the service provided by state banks in Karaj in their key customers’ satisfaction. The conceptual framework of this research shows the effect of factors such as empathy, assurance, responsiveness, reliability and physical realities on customer satisfaction. Using a descriptive method, this idea has investigated through using a questionnaire on a sample consisting of 390 customers who has opened their account less than a year ago and whose minimum bank account is not less than one percent of that branch’s total current and saving accounts.The results of the inferential analysis of the data using a Pearson correlation coefficient shows that it can be said with 99%confidence that as each of the investigated criteria increases, key customer satisfaction also increases. The study also shows that the lowest to the highest correlation coefficient is due to the following factors, respectively: empathy, physical realities, responsiveness, reliability and assurance. It is concluded that the key customer’s satisfaction can be increased by emphasizing each of the factors that have a high correlation coefficient with customer satisfaction.