A Survay of Factors Influencing on ‎Tourism based on Expects and Conceptions and Gap Analysis (Case Study: Sareien Tourism City in Ardabili)



Positive effects of tourism due to social, cultural and economic interest in becoming the first industry in the world, so that many countries and areas are by creating suitable infrastructure exploitation of the benefits sought the industry. For most of these countries an important source of tourism business, income, job creation and foreign exchange is considered. For this reason, to achieve the tourism development strategies, has consented of two factors affecting tourists in the region of Sarein. The aim of the research, has been done application and with correlation method. Questionnaire is used as the main tool in gathering information. Statistical Society of tourists to the region in August had Travel to Sarein. According to the unknown number of tourists (Statistical Society), sampling was available. The correlation coefficient was used to analyze questions to rule out or confirm theories. These reviews evaluate the quality of services component was satisfactory tourism services. Reviewing Prime Theoretical factors were studied in identifying and satisfying the two-story institutional and environmental factors. Using the gap analysis model to review expectations and perceptions of tourists’ gap was paid. Findings showed that there is a positive relationship between organizational factors and satisfaction(R= 0/577) and environmental factors and satisfaction(R= 0/34) of tourists. Indices based on these factors, the priority of the gap analysis model based on the suggestions were provided for corrective action.