Investigation of Implementing Relational Marketing for Costumer relationship in Hospitality Industry) Case Study: of Persian Palace hotel (



Relational Marketing (RM) is one of the recent concepts in marketing field and aims to increase relationship between industry and consumers to introducing their needs and create maximum value for consumers and firms by offering products and concepts according to their needs. As hospitality industry is one of the most competitive industries and its success is hardly depends on competitive advantage, so relationship with costumers is a fundamental process in this industry. The paper aims to investigate how Iranian hotels use relationship marketing, by case study of Persian palace hotel in Kiev, Ukraine. There are two major steps, firstly by unstructured interviews by managers, hotel strategies in costumer relationship investigates and in second step satisfaction of costumers from hotel services measured. Findings show that hotel managers are unaware from marketing strategies, because of lack of marketing skills and CRM implements in traditional ways and without using the modern methods. For this reason hotel lacks to use its capability to get new consumers and saves its current consumers. The hotel has not attended seriously to costumer segmentation, and according to this has lost some of the most profitable potential customers. Also there is no measurement tool for hotel managers to evaluate their strategies influences.