Evaluation and Analysis of Effective Factors on Investors Satisfaction as Customers of Broker Firms in Tehran Stock Exchange (Case Study: Tehran, Isfahan and Yazd Regional Stock Exchanges)



Present study seeks to appear the main important effective indicators on stockholder satisfaction from broker firm services in Tehran, Isfahan and yazd stock exchange; in addition, the study results, provide useful insights and guidance for managers to measure and improve customer relations system toward improving customer satisfaction. Our questionnaire was drawed from literature review but for measuring its validity, factor analysis was used as well as expert opinions.
We found that stockholder satisfaction is in the better situation in Tehran, Yazd and Isfahan, respectively, and Isfahan stoch exchange responsibles have to have more attention to stockholder needs. Although, Tehran and Yazd broker firm services meet the customer needs but these tow stock exchanges have negative gap in half of satisfaction indicators. Besides, our results suggest that reponsiveness dimension in all of three stock exchange did not met cusomer requirements.