A Model for selecting control style or parenting style for subsidiaries companies by corporate parent from resource based view



In a research done by Mr. Goold and Associates, three common parenting styles, namely strategic planning (SP), strategic control (SC) and financial control (FC), have been identified for which they believe the parent company needs to have appropriate knowledge and understanding of its own business to choose each. Authors, have tried to put these three parenting styles together with the parenting matrix to design a pattern for selecting the parenting style based on the parent's level of business understanding and In this pattern, the primary hypothesis, "There is a relation between the parenting style and the level of understanding and help of the parent company with the business in subsidiaries", along with 9 secondary hypotheses are studied and analyzed within the sample chosen from Iranian parent companies. The research methodology is expansive regarding the result, descriptive regarding the objective and quantitive regarding the data type. Statistical method employed in parametric test is the success ratio and in non-parametric test is the sign. Results from analyzing the hypotheses show that the primary hypothesis and three of the secondary hypotheses are confirmed; two of the secondary hypotheses are not confirmed and there was insufficient sample for the remaining four hypotheses in the studied companies and there is a prevailing rational relation between the staff individuals of the parent and the parenting style.