A Survey of the Impact of Store Image Dimensions on Retailer Equity of Chain Stores Customers (Refah, Shahrvand and Hyper Star) in Tehran



Building retailer equity increases revenue and profitability by insulating retailers from competitors. Store image is the basis of retailer equity, but extant literature offers little in sight in to the empirical research which takes store image dimensions as antecedents of retailer equity. This paper establishes a theoretical and empirical basis that shows the impact of selected store image dimensions on retailer equity .This article propose a conceptual frame work in which store image dimensions are related to three dimensions of retailer equity, i.e., retailer awareness, retailer associations, retailer perceived quality. These dimensions are then related to retailer loyalty. The empirical tests using a structural equation model support the research hypotheses. The results indicate the positive effect of convenience, perceived price, physical facilities, employee service and institutional factors on retailer equity.