Measuring Customer Perceived Service Quality with Market Sense Making Approach



Considering the increasing awareness and expectations of our customers in today's competitive dynamic market, enterprises must improve their level of understanding and knowledge of their market and take steps toward a deeper identification of customer needs. Indeed, such organizations need to improve their sense making capabilities. Companies that have high sense making capability can better communicate with the market and receive needed strategic information. The purpose of this study is to measure customer perceived service quality with market sense making approach. Factually in this research service quality measurement of organizations is considered with new approach in and the concept of market sense introduced as a new concept. This research is practical from the purpose view and from way of data gathering it s a descriptive research, the method is survey. Research statistical population is banking industry and data gathering tools are questionnaire and interview. Structural equation modeling and factor analysis is used for data analysis. Output analysis confirmed the research model. Since measuring customer perceived service quality model with market sense making approach has not presented yet in literature, firms can consider the relation between service quality provided for customers with the capability of market sense making using this model and improve their perceived service quality by customers with empowering their market sense making.