Studying Globalization Impacts on Trade Policymaking System of I.R. Iran



Globalization and its impacts have been studied for around two decades in different societies. The present article is based on a research in which globalization impacts on trade policymaking system of I.R Iran have been examined. Having reviewed the research literature, three economic, political and cultural challenges and/or opportunities of the globalization have been recognized which have fundamental impacts on the studding society. Respectively, the challenges include global competence, global governance and global communication. In I.R. Iran, Ministry of Commerce generally concentrates on formulation of long-range plans about trade issues, so the statistical population of the research consists of senior managers and experts of the Ministry. Having conducted the research, it's been found that there was a significant relationship between the mentioned challenges and the behavior of trade policymaking system. In other word, globalization forces increase participative behavior of policymakers and would probably rise up their trust to the policy community. Moreover the forces would bring higher level of policymaker's commitment to the consequences of developed policy.