A Model of Brand Performance in Food Industry



In highly competitive market of food industry maintaining and increasing market share are results of brand performance. Hence detecting the effective factors on the brand performance is crucial in strategic marketing decisions. Data gathered by a 36-items questionnaire. The sample was composed of 131 managers and marketing experts in 62 companies in food industry those are located in Tehran city. Reliability of research variables were in acceptable range. A conceptual model consists of five hypothesis and variables was designed. For testing the model we used partial leas square method by applying PLS-Graph software. Results showed that market orientation (?=0.44, t=2.12) and organizational innovation (?=0.48, t=2.62) have a positive effects on the brand performance. The results also revealed that marketing capabilities (?=0.51, t=6.58) market-focused learning (?=0.2, t=2.47) and organizational innovation (?=0.27, t=3.21) have positive effects on the market orientation decomposition effects showed that the most important factors for brand performance are: organizational innovativeness, market orientation.