Investigation of the Relationship between Brand Meaning-Creator Elements and Brand Knowledge, According to Customer Based Brand Equity (A Case Study of Bank Mellat)



Brand creates value for both customer and organization, but the main source of this value, is located in actual and potential customers’ mind. It is obvious that mentality creation cannot be controlled directly. This article aimed to illustrate the importance of branding in banks of Iran and demonstrate the relation between images created from marketing activities and customers’ mentality, related to brand. This research conducted as a case study of Bank Mellat customers in Tehran and its data was gathered by a questionnaire. Results show that there is meaningful, positive and sever relation between image of brand performance, resulted from marketing activity and brand knowledge (main origin of brand value). Also this variable can be considered as the cause of brand knowledge. In other words, customers see brand of banks as a means of satisfying functional needs. But there is not such a correlation and cause and effect relation, for brand imagery resulted from marketing activity.