Investigate the Choice of Pricing Strategies Based on Product Life Cycle (PLC) in Small House Appliance (Case Study: Pars Khazar Brand Meat Grinder Product Group)



Selection of appropriate strategies is one of the important principles to achieve profitability in the business models. One of the most important of these strategies, Is Use of appropriate pricing strategies in order to have the correct and satisfy product pricing process, the factors that affect pricing should be Identify and control. PLC as Organizational factors affecting Group is of the main one influencing the decision-making and the use of different pricing strategy. Time of occurrence of each stage of product life and provide a constant timing pattern for each product, is impossible. The important things are timely diagnosis and achieving effective strategy at the right time. Since price and product are closely correlated, the main goal of This study is re-test the PLC model in order to obtain the appropriate pricing strategies in various stages of product life cycle .In this study, the pricing as one of the most important element in the marketing mix is selected and the impact of appropriate selected pricing strategy on PLC has been studied in small home appliance industry. The results show that a graph of PLC can be used as a tool for obtain the appropriate pricing strategies.