Measuring the Strategic Thinking of the Managers of Tehran's Municipality



Everyday Problems in organizations is more complex and they require more effective solutions for solving. Strategic planning is not necessarily applicable and is changeable during time. In some cases, instead of solving the problem, it was just relief, with the loss of their effect will lead to bigger problems. It seems that to develop a strategic plan in organizations, strategic thinking of developer managers is an obligation. This article will assess the strategic thinking in Tehran municipality managers with using Jeanne Lydka model. This model includes five main indicators of "systemic approach", "strategic intent", "advance the scientific approach," "intelligent opportunism" and "thinking time". With the help of available resources and view of experts these indexes were divided into 29 factors, And using a descriptive-survey research, the importance of each factor and the status of the surveys of indicators of municipal managers, has been evaluated. The analysis of the results is done with Friedman and paired T-Student. Despite major efforts such as strategic planning documents in the municipality of Tehran, There are gaps between the current status and effective factors in organization, which is inevitable.