Survey of Consumer Decision Making Styles for Home Appliance Store Buyers (Case Study: Tehran’s Customers)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 MSc. of Executive Business Administration, Tehran University, Iran

2 Assistant Prof. in Marketing, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

3 MSc. of Management Information System, Tehran University, Iran

4 MSc. of Business Management, Tehran University, Iran


Each customer or consumer communicates with different markets with a specific decision-making style and these styles approximately remain constant over time. This research is done between Tehran home appliance store customers with the aim of identifying the Sproles and Kendall’s model decision-making styles. Sproles and Kendall’s model has identified eight different decision-making styles, which have been tested in many countries, with the assumption that consumers buy things utilizing special decision-making styles. The main question is “What are the buying decision-making styles between Tehran home appliance store customers, according to Sproles and Kendall’s model?” The statistical sample for this research includes 350 people who were accidentally chosen, using stage random sampling method. The main tool for data collecting in this paper was the verbal questionnaire. The result of research analysis shows that 7 styles (6 former styles and one new style) were identified in home appliance stores of Jomhouri market in Tehran and in comparison with other styles, “seeking for ideal product” style is of the highest importance.