Suevey of Problems and obstacles to tourism development in the Esfehan city as a tourist

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Prof. in Business Administration, University of Tehran, Iran

2 PhD. Student Business Administration, University of Tehran, Iran


Study was to identify factors, components and barriers to tourism development in the city as a tourist with the approach and methods of survey. The population of the study, all domestic and foreign tourists three months of the year 88 125 512 and 105 112 people respectively are included. According to Cochran formula, 118 and 119 of the Iranian tourists and foreign tourists as the sample size and sample a total of 237 patients, randomly selected. Results of confirmatory factor analysis indicated that a total of 28 items, the first four factors: (Planning and Investment 9/41), (second factor: infrastructure, 1/11), (Factor III: Cultural and Educational 4 / 9), and (fourth factor: insufficient information 4/4 percent) 8/66 change of variables to determine the variance.


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