Developing a Social Marketing for Insurance Companies

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Prof., Dep. of Management, Gilan University, Rasht, Iran

2 PhD. Candidate in Business Policy Marketing, Dep. of Management, University of Gilan, Rasht, Iran


The main issue of study is how increased traffic culture through behavioural interventions can create shared value for insurance companies? Based on, the purpose of this research developing a social marketing model for insurance companies through the experience of traffic Police  behavioural interventions to increase traffic culture. Grounded theory was used to denote theoretical constructs derived from qualitative analysis of data. The statistical population of this research according to subject matter area are traffic police experts and insurance experts in Guilan province. Theoretical sampling is used to collect data from participants, based on; theoretical saturation takes placed in 20 interview. The findings show that insurance companies can use persuasion, warning, awareness and coercion strategies in response to higher-risk behaviours of insured persons that consequence of these Strategies is shared value creation.


Main Subjects

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