Providing a Business-to-Business Marketing Maturity Model

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD. Candidate, Department of Business Management, Qom Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qom,

2 Assistant Prof., Department of Business Management, Qom Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qom, Iran.

3 Assistant Prof., Department of Management, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran.


Marketing of industrial goods, like other organizational functions in companies, is constantly changing. Marketing and sales departments with different levels in various industries are being developed. To ensure that the approaches, tools, concepts, and models provided by this study can be implemented in the best way, it is essential to use a coordinated reference framework in the form of the B2B marketing maturity model. This model allows B2B marketing managers to assess the relevant level of maturity of their marketing department and, accordingly, identify appropriate actions. The purpose of this approach is to prevent the implementation of very complex activities and projects in sectors that do not match the dimensions of the maturity model. In addition, the other purpose of this study is to protect B2B marketing managers from making mistakes and assist them with achieving a stable position among rival industrial companies.
Due to the lack of knowledge and guidance for leading the organizations in relation to this phenomenon, this study aimed to present a B2B marketing maturity model for them. For this purpose, the articles published within the period from early 2013 to the end of November 2021 were reviewed systematically. The content of the articles was coded and analyzed using the Grounded Theory and MAXQDA software.
Based on the performed analyses, codes were extracted including 331 concepts and 20 main categories. Next, relying on the systematic approach of the Grounded Theory, the identified codes were classified into six categories including main phenomenon, causal conditions, contextual conditions, intervening conditions, strategies, and consequences.
Based on the obtained results, the six aforementioned categories include: 1) Causal categories i.e. the new roles of leadership in B2B business, policy-making, B2B marketing budget, investment, supporting B2B marketing, B2B marketing organization and performance management indicators; 2) Central (axial) categories i.e. identifying the dimensions of B2B marketing maturity model, B2B marketing organizational chart, mission description, B2B marketing authority and responsibilities, capabilities and competencies of B2B marketing staff; 3) Strategic categories i.e. B2B marketing strategy, digital / non-digital strategy, digital business model, value creation in the value chain; 4) Contextual categories i.e. B2B marketing operations and process, B2B marketing tools and platforms; 5) Interventionist categories i.e. organizational change management; and 6) Consequential categories i.e. gaining competitive advantage in B2B marketing organizations/companies through B2B dimension management, improving the quality of B2B marketing services, increasing customer satisfaction, and key indicators of B2B marketing performance. It is obvious that in B2B marketing maturity model special attention should be paid to these categories.


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