Surveying of Criteria for Purchasing Television Set and Recognizing Customers' Decision Making Styles in Isfahen

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D. Candidate, Business Management, Faculty of Administrative Sciences & Economics, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

2 Prof., Department of Business Management, Faculty of Administrative Sciences & Economics, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

3 Assistant Prof., Department of Business Management, Faculty of Administrative Sciences & Economics, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


In order to examine some aspects of shopping behavior among TV set buyers, we will first study the criteria and regulations that consumers take into account while purchasing in order to choose their desired brand. On the other hand, the specific application of this research is to study the positioning of 4 TV brands in Isfahan province.
This research is applied in terms of purpose and is conducted based on mixed research approach (quantitative and qualitative). Data collecting was descriptive based on survey. Statistical population includes active workers in production and sales departments and after-sales services, service providers and customers of this product.
The most important criterion as expressed by the color TV customers in the sample studied is the appearance, beauty and then the image quality. Brand reputation has also been perceived as a very important need from the customers' point of view. Television set buyers in the city of Isfahan are, 95%, likely to purchase based on one of the five styles of perfectionist, brand-oriented, wandering, price-sensitive, and habitual. But, the three fashionable, reactive, and fun styles are not identifiable among these television buyers. In the brand-oriented decision-making style, the Samsung brand is at the top and the other brands are equal. In the price-sensitive style, the SNOWA brand ranked first, the XVision brand is second, and then LG and Samsung equal.
Based on the results of this study, appearance, beauty, image quality, brand reputation, price, warranty and after-sales service, sound quality, promotion, up-to-date technology and product portfolio are among the most important criteria for consumers while buying TV sets. The success rates of the four brands of color TV products introduced to meet these needs showed that among these criteria, image quality regarding the natural color, appearance and beauty of the product, brand reputation, quality of after-sales service and the product price are among the highest criteria. Among the brands surveyed, the Samsung brand ranked highest in meeting customer expectations, followed by LG, SNOWA, and XVision. On the other hand, perfectionist style and perception of the high quality of a particular brand is a top priority for Isfahan TV set buyers. Brand-oriented decision-making style and attention to product and brand were ranked second to all buyers and dominated by Samsung brand buyers. In fact, they believe that a well-known brand in the market will have acceptable quality.


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